9 Awesome Snow Day Activities

When blustery winter storms make roads too dangerous to drive, the dreams of school children everywhere come true: a snow day has arrived. And while a snow day means a day of freedom for kids, it’s also typically a day parents aren’t prepared for. The question lingers: what on earth with the kids do today that won’t drive us all crazy? Fear not; we’re here for you. Below you’ll find some of our favorite snow day activities for all degrees of cabin fever. Even better, they’re activities that children of all ages can enjoy!

9 Awesome Snow Day Activities

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Get Creative in the Kitchen

Eat a fancy meal

Snow days are great excuses to stay in your pajamas all day, but why not throw on your finest clothes, pull out the holiday china and enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner by candle light? Make it even better with a serenade of classical music or your favorite old album.

Bake you favorite dessert

When the weather is cold, we love to warm up in the kitchen! Nothing tastes better on a chilly day than a warm, gooey cookie or cupcake. Or, how about doughnuts?

Whip up snow ice cream!

Combine 1/2 cups Lifeway Whole Milk Kefir (flavor of your choosing) with 1/4 cup sugar, 1/2 tsp vanilla and 4 cups of clean snow (avoid yellow snow at all costs). Blend the kefir, sugar and vanilla together until the sugar dissolves. Add the snow and stir until you achieve an ice cream-like consistency (you might need to chill the mixture at times). Top with your favorite sundae treats, like chocolate syrup, nuts, sprinkles and whipped cream.

Have an Indoor Adventure

Engineer an indoor fort

All you need for a special “base” are a few blankets, pillows chairs and some rope. Too much work? Set up the camping tent, throw in some pillows and sleeping bags, and you have a fort!

Plan a movie marathon

Break out the popcorn, blankets, the DVD player and commence snuggling while watching your favorite movie series. Be sure to take breaks between each flick for a quick run around the yard. Exercise is essential – even on snow days!

Break the rules and run around

We all know running in the house is a no-no, but supervised hide-and-go-seek and other games are fun when they’re a little forbidden. Be sure to let children know that this is a special case; as soon as the day is over, the rules are reinforced.

Brave Great Outdoors

Build a snow village

Building a snowman is easy, but a snow village? Now that takes some skill. Enlist the neighbors to help as you develop a series of tunnels and caves that span from yard to yard. When you’re done, you have the perfect setting for a snowball battle!

Brave the sledding hill

Sledding is the ultimate snow day activity. When you can safely navigate the roads, break out the snow disks and hit the slopes. You’ll work up a sweat and an appetite (and the kids will use up their energy).

Create a snow art

White snow is remarkably similar to white paper (at least for our purposes today). Grab a few spray bottles or dish soap bottles, fill them with water and food coloring and go wild. Practice your water penmanship while you’re at it.